Friday, April 16, 2010


The stress is finally starting to sink in. I can honestly say that I have not felt a bit stressed out until this past week. The wedding plans are continuing to progress. We finally ordered the invitations yesterday. (They were supposed to be ordered in March... oops!) Lanse has moved to Waco and LOVES it. He is already saying he never wants to move back to Dallas. I miss him so much when he is in Waco and I am in Dallas. I find myself wishing I was in Waco too... just to be with him. On that note, we signed a contract on a house yesterday! Yep, that house you see in that pic below. As you can see, it is in the beginning stages of being built, so it will not be finished until June. We plan to close on the house by June 30. The fun (and stressful) part of the whole deal is that we found this house so early in the building process that we are able to pick out a lot of the features that we want. Great! More decisions for me! That's just what I need while I am trying to plan a wedding, right!? :) So, Lanse and I are now picking our favorite brick, where we want our fence line, how much of a back patio we want them to pour, if we want tile or carpet, faucets, doorknobs, wood stains, etc. It is all fun and exciting, and I do love this new part of my life. We are going to be in a great neighborhood with awesome neighbors that we already know! Oh, and did I mention I am also looking for a job? Haha, what more can I add to my plate? I am not complaining. I love it all!

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  1. Oh my stars!! You are one busy lady! :)
    Cant wait to see your house - and you and Lanse in July!!