Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waffle Shower

Some of my mom's closest friends hosted a Waffle Brunch & Bridal Shower for me. They served waffles to everyone and had every topping imaginable out for us to load on top of the waffles. It was so much fun!

The invitation
Waffles! Coming right up!
Who's hungry?
The delicious spread
My SIL (Nicki) & Me
Lovely friends
Gift time! So much fun!
My wonderful MOH's, Christin & Melinda
Only the BEST mom EVER!
My sweet cousin, Sheri, drove all the way from Houston just for the shower! And my Nana wouldn't miss it for the world!
The amazing and beautiful hostesses that put all this together for me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Shower

My Aunt Cindi and cousin, Marian, threw Lanse and I one of the most incredible showers I've ever attended. They went over-the-top making this party just perfect down to every detail. It was so wonderful having a family shower with Lanse's family included.

The invitation
They incorporated our monogram throughout the shower. These were set up in the neighborhood to direct traffic towards the party.
Here we are with the wonderful hostesses, Marian & Cindi.
Chocolate candy with "Lanse & Brittany wrappers"
My talented cousin, Rosie, made this awesome picture for us.
Lanse really enjoyed opening gifts!
Lanse's Aunt Janette & my mom
My ribbon bouquet from all my gifts
Cindi and Marian had shotglasses made with our monogram for milk shots and cookies!
Gorgeous food display

Me with my cousins, Rosie & Hannah
Lanse and me with my bro and SIL, Brent & Nicki
Jessie, Me, & Hannah
Lanse with his Aunt Janette, Uncle John, my dad, Brent, & Nicki

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My boy is a smarty pants!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Lanse! He took his insurance licensing exam this morning and passed! Now he can make the big bucks, haha! He keeps telling me it isn't that big of a deal, but I'm proud of him and think it IS a big deal. Way to go, babe!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Home

Lanse and I have been talking a lot about our new house and all the good times that are ahead of us in our first home together. A lot of memories are going to be made in this house. One day last week when I was in Waco, Lanse suggested we go to our new home and pray over it. So we did. We prayed for our marriage, for our future children, and for every person that will walk through our door. Not only did we pray, but we decided to write scripture on the frame of our house. So, we sat in front of our house and looked up verses that meant a lot to us. We went inside the house, and wrote the verses in every room.

We will forever have God's Word within the walls of our house!

Friday, April 16, 2010


The stress is finally starting to sink in. I can honestly say that I have not felt a bit stressed out until this past week. The wedding plans are continuing to progress. We finally ordered the invitations yesterday. (They were supposed to be ordered in March... oops!) Lanse has moved to Waco and LOVES it. He is already saying he never wants to move back to Dallas. I miss him so much when he is in Waco and I am in Dallas. I find myself wishing I was in Waco too... just to be with him. On that note, we signed a contract on a house yesterday! Yep, that house you see in that pic below. As you can see, it is in the beginning stages of being built, so it will not be finished until June. We plan to close on the house by June 30. The fun (and stressful) part of the whole deal is that we found this house so early in the building process that we are able to pick out a lot of the features that we want. Great! More decisions for me! That's just what I need while I am trying to plan a wedding, right!? :) So, Lanse and I are now picking our favorite brick, where we want our fence line, how much of a back patio we want them to pour, if we want tile or carpet, faucets, doorknobs, wood stains, etc. It is all fun and exciting, and I do love this new part of my life. We are going to be in a great neighborhood with awesome neighbors that we already know! Oh, and did I mention I am also looking for a job? Haha, what more can I add to my plate? I am not complaining. I love it all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We found a little something!

Just a sneak peak of something we've got our eye on...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Quick Recap

To start this off, I figure I should have a quick recap of my life over the past few months...

It all started on December 23, 2009 when the love of my life finally popped the question that I had been eagerly waiting to hear.
Lanse and I were (and still are) so thrilled to be engaged!
Our lives have been busy since December planning for our wedding. We just finished the Countdown class for engaged couples with Legacy Ministries. Awesome. Our class met once a week for the past 6 weeks, and Lanse and I were able to learn a lot about each other. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone that is planning on getting married! This past weekend we went on a couples retreat with our Countdown class to Salado and had the best time!

Here is our group at the retreat. Amazing people here.
This was a weekend Lanse and I will always remember. Great discussions, realizations, intimate times with the Lord and with each other, prayer, emotions, laughter, and good times with friends.
In the meantime, Lanse has decided that he needs to go back to school. After applying at several schools, Lanse was awarded a HUGE scholarship to Baylor University! If anyone knows my family, they know what big Baylor fans we all are, so there is NO doubt that we are all just ecstatic for Lanse!
So what does this mean? This means Lanse and I will be moving to Waco! Yep, all the Wilsons back in Waco together! :) Lanse will actually be moving in about a week to live with my parents and work for my dad until we get married. After he starts school in the fall, he will continue to work for my dad while he gets his Bachelors in Entrepaneurship. I will stay in Dallas until the wedding in July and then move to Waco after the wedding. Lanse is over-the-top excited about "moving to the country" as he likes to phrase it. Monday we will be house hunting. Pray that we find something we like!