Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Shower

My Aunt Cindi and cousin, Marian, threw Lanse and I one of the most incredible showers I've ever attended. They went over-the-top making this party just perfect down to every detail. It was so wonderful having a family shower with Lanse's family included.

The invitation
They incorporated our monogram throughout the shower. These were set up in the neighborhood to direct traffic towards the party.
Here we are with the wonderful hostesses, Marian & Cindi.
Chocolate candy with "Lanse & Brittany wrappers"
My talented cousin, Rosie, made this awesome picture for us.
Lanse really enjoyed opening gifts!
Lanse's Aunt Janette & my mom
My ribbon bouquet from all my gifts
Cindi and Marian had shotglasses made with our monogram for milk shots and cookies!
Gorgeous food display

Me with my cousins, Rosie & Hannah
Lanse and me with my bro and SIL, Brent & Nicki
Jessie, Me, & Hannah
Lanse with his Aunt Janette, Uncle John, my dad, Brent, & Nicki


  1. I LOVE the picture! How did she do that and can I hire her to do one for me :) Showers are so much fun and you look great! A little over a month now and you will be married!!!

  2. I know! I love that picture! I have no idea how she did it. She is so creative.

  3. woowoo! so fun! you are getting some great stuff that i want to borrow ;) xoxo

  4. ummm, bring your block back to life...NOW :)